Valencian Government 2015/2016

We have collaborated in group participations with Valencian Government at food and beverages international fairs in Europe: Anuga 2015 (Cologne-Germany) Fruit Logistics 2016 (Berlin - Germany), BioFach 2016 (Nürnberg - Germany), Salón Gourmet 2016 (Madrid-Spain), Prowein 2016 (Düsseldorf - Germany), and Alimentaria 2016 (Barcelona - Spain).

Stand Alimentaria 2016 para Generalitat Valenciana por Escato 001


Paris Air Show 2015 - Paris - France

Group Participation TEDAE Spanish Association of Defense, Aeronautics, Security and Space Technology Companies

Paris Air Show 2015 Tedae stand (1) MRK_4357


King+Jugend 2009/2015 - Cologne - Germany

Group participation since 2009, between 10 and 25 co-exhibitors each year. In September 2014 we have collaborated with 11 co-exhibitors in a space of 435,5 m2, and with other partners of Asepri whose added 301 m2 of design stands. See project at K+J 2014 K+J 2015

Participaciones agrupadas (1) king & jugend 2013 asepri cologne germany


Habitat Nude 2014 - Valencia - Spain

Group participation in 2014 with 320 m2 of exposition.

Participaciones agrupadas (2) habitat-nude 2014 valencia spain


Fimi 2009/2013 - Valencia - Spain

We have collaborated in group participations from 2009 to 2013 promoted by Asepri, with many other exhibitors with their own design stands in both editions, January and June.

Participaciones agrupadas (3) fimi 2009 - 2013 asepri valencia spain


Regional Department Agriculture Fisheries and Food of the Generalitat Valenciana- 2012/2013

Between 14 and 40 co-exhibitors of food and beverages at 9 international fairs in Europe in 2012 and 2013: Fruit Logistics (Berlin - Germany), BioFach (Nürnberg - Germany), Prowein (Düsseldorf - Germany), Salon de Gourmets (Madrid - Spain) and Alimentaria (Barcelona - Spain).

Participaciones agrupadas (4) capa conselleria agricultura pesca y alimentación generalitat valencia


Furniture China Shanghai 2012 - Shanghai - China

12 co-exhibitors of ANIEME association.

Participaciones agrupadas (5) furniture china shanghai FEDAI



Light & Building 2001/2013 - Frankfurt - Germany

Euroluce 2001/2013 - Milan - Italy

From 25 to 45 co-exhibitor asociated to FEDAI, every year from 2001 to 2013.

Participaciones agrupadas (6) light&building y euroluce


Pitti Bimbo - Florence - Italy

We have collaborated with co-exhibitors of Asepri during 15 years, in the two editions of Pitti Imagine Bimbo organised every year.

Participaciones agrupadas (7) pitti bimbo

Automechanika 2011 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Colaboration with Sernauto.

Participaciones agrupadas (8) automechanika dubai

Automechanika 2011 - Johanesburg - South Africa

Colaboration with Sernauto.

Participaciones agrupadas (9) automechanika johanesburgo

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