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Cevisama, Habitat, FIMMA - Maderalia International Trade Shows have taken place from the 1st until the 5th of February 2016 in Feria de Valencia:



This year we have participated designing and setting-up different free design exhibition stands for the three trade shows, Kerajet, Cor Caroli, Oset and Tejas Borja at Cevisama, to name a few.


Cevisama 2016 Exhibit Oset (1) stand Escato_MG_0560

Cevisama 2016 Exhibit Tejas Borja (1) stand Escato_MG_0501

Cevisama 2016 Exhibit Kerajet (1) stand Escato_MG_0581

Cevisama 2016 Exhibit Cor Caroli (1) stand Escato_MG_0525





02/ 8/2016
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