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Cevisama, Habitat, FIMMA - Maderalia International Trade Shows have taken place from 9th till 13th February 2015 in Feria de Valencia:



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Cevisama - International Ceramics Exhibition for Architecture, Bathroom and Kitchen Equipment, Natural Stone, Raw Materials, Glazes, Frits and Machinery

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Habitat-International Trade Fair for Interior Design, Architecture and Decoration


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FIMMA - Maderalia - International Fair of Equipment and Tools Woodworking Machinery 1st and 2nd transformation and International Suppliers Fair for Wood Sector - Furniture This year we have participated desgining and setting-up 973 square meters in total of booths for the different trade shows.


This year we have participated desgining and setting-up 973 square meters in total of booths for the different trade shows.

Cevisama 2015 Tejas Borja stand (14) R_MG_8418

Habitat 2015 FEDE Lighting stand (1) R_MG_8463

Habitat 2015 Almerich stand (1) R_MG_8498

Habitat 2015 Martínez y Orts stand (1) R_MG_8505



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