Together with the Salone del Mobile de Milano, other major trade show has celebrated from 9th to 14th April 2013, the biennial event Euroluce (International Lighting Exhibition). We have collaborated  at iSaloni with Alondra Infantil, Tapizados Pedro Ortiz, Model Tarazona and at Euroluce with Fontini, Bover Il·luminació & Mobiliari, FEDE Lighting, Asproset, Riperlamp, Iris Cristal, Salvilamp, Pedret Lighting, Bronceart Torrent, Ferpuig, Martínez y Orts, Mantra, Iluminación AJP, Lampister Iluminación, Incolamp, El Torrent Illuminació, Copenlamp, Creaciones Cordon, ACB Iluminación,  Light Lux Spain, Artesanía Joalpa and with FEDAI (Spanish Federation of Manufacturers and Exporters of Decorative Lighting).

Euroluce 2013 Bover stand (1)


Euroluce 2013 Iris Cristal stand (1)

Euroluce 2013 Mantra stand (1)

Euroluce 2013 El Torrent Illuminacio stand



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