FITUR 2016

From 20th to 24th of January, Fitur 2016 has been celebrated at IFEMA Madrid (Spain). It is one of the most important trade shows of the touirsm industry in Europe, is being part of the circuit of the Big 3: November WTM London, ITB in Berlin in March, and finally FITUR in Madrid in January.

Many thanks to Blue Bay and Roiback that they have given us the opportunity to design and set up their stand for this edition.

Blue Bay

Fitur 2016 Exhibit Blue Bay (2) stand Escato_MG_6254

Fitur 2016 Exhibit Blue Bay (5) stand Escato_MG_6261

Fitur 2016 Exhibit Blue Bay (6) stand Escato_MG_6262



Fitur 2016 Exhibit Roiback (1) stand Escato_MG_6276

Fitur 2016 Exhibit Roiback (3) stand Escato_MG_6279



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