The 8th edition of Fruit Attraction (International Trade Show for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry) has been celebrated at IFEMA Madrid (Spain) from the 5th until the 8th of October 2016, with 1,200 exhibitors from 30 countries and 40,000 square meters of exhibition. Escato Internacional has designed and built the stands of Rijk Zwaan, Tollupol, Val Venosta, Agromediterránea, Exquisite Fruits, Tropical Millenium and Generalitat Valenciana.


Rijk Zwaan

Fruit Attraction 2016 Exhibit Rijk Zwan (2) stand Escato_SNI_8888



Fruit Attraction 2016 Exhibit Tollupol (2) stand Escato_SNI_8894


Val Venosta

Fruit Attraction 2016 Exhibit Val Venosta (2) stand Escato_SNI_8908



Fruit Attraction 2016 Exhibit Agromediterránea (1) stand Escato_SNI_8910


Exquisite Fruits

Fruit Attraction 2016 Exhibit Exquisite Fruits (1) stand Escato_SNI_8896


Tropical Millenium

Fruit Attraction 2016 Exhibit Tropical Millenium (3) stand Escato_SNI_8935


Generalitat Valenciana

Fruit Attraction 2016 Exhibit Generalitat Valenciana (3) stand Escato_SNI_8902



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